Stop Thief!

Being worried about someone stealing my ideas speaks more about me than it does about them. Why? Because ideas are cheap, and execution is expensive.

If I’m worried about them stealing my ideas, then what I am really saying is that I don’t have faith in myself. Faith in my ability to implement my ideas faster and better than they can.

Naturally, I’ve got a head start on them with the idea. After all, it is my idea. But, if they can get it out of the gate faster than me, then what I am really saying is that I am not committed to the idea. Not committed to putting in the effort into making it work.

If I am afraid that they are more committed than I am, then that is why I am afraid of sharing my ideas with them in the first place.

If I can’t take action on my ideas before someone else does, then maybe I didn’t deserve them in the first place!