• Strategy by Drucker

    I have been a big fan of Peter Drucker’s writing for a long time. Today’s management still has lots to learn from him. Strategy by Drucker

  • A Different Take On Team Composition

    Previously I wrote that you should make sure that your team is comprised only of A and B players. While I still believe in that post, I recently came across a fantastic answer on Quora that details what I think are the differences between A, B, C, and D team players. Michael O. Church writes, The best […]

  • Original Ideas

    Is there really such a thing as an original idea these days? Somehow, I doubt it. Before you read any further, you just have to watch this video: Okay. So you have an idea, and you think that it is winner. Odds are, that right now, 1000 people have a very similar idea to yours. […]

  • Never, Ever Fall For The Counteroffer

    So, you finally made the decision to move on. It could have been for any one of a million reasons, but you made it. You wrote your resume, found a recruiter that you liked, and started your search. After a few interviews, you receive an offer. You accept, and agree to a start date 2 […]

  • Managing For Results, Not Time Spent Working

    What should managers care the most about – the number of hours that their employees put in, or the results that they produce? In North America, the emphasis seems to be on getting employees to work more hours, with the assumption being that productivity will increase. But, will it? Well, studies show that the optimal […]

  • What is an Entrepreneur?

    “Entrepreneurship is the pursuit of opportunity without regard to resources currently controlled.” Inc. – What’s an Entrepreneur? The Best Answer Ever

  • The Importance of Human Resources to an Organization

    How much does your President or CEO really know about your company’s Human Resources department? If they want to lead a great organization, then it pays to know a lot. Don’t just look upon HR as a regulatory requirement, look upon HR as a competitive advantage that best positions you to dominate your industry. The […]

  • Recognition is the Greatest Motivator of All

    People want to be recognized in a way that is meaningful to them. And it must be delivered in a way that is sincere and genuine. Business Insider – FORMER IKEA CEO: This Is The Greatest Motivator Of Them All

  • A Company is a Community, not a Machine.

    Does your boss refer to the company as a factory? Does he treat the staff like they are robots? Does he desire to know exactly how you spend your day, or does he care about the results that you produce? Great leaders take people to a better place. Their goal is for everyone on the […]

  • Make Sure That Your Team is Comprised of A and B Players

    Let’s face it, some people are better workers than others. Just like it was in high school, people can be graded as A, B, C, and D players at work. It’s been said that in management, A players want to work with A+ players, and that B players want to work with C players. You […]